Sam + Kevin [Engaged]

What a gorgeous afternoon for an engagement session in Laguna Niguel Regional Park!

How Sam + Kevin Met: “We were both in the bridal party of our friends’ wedding and we started talking at the rehearsal dinner and conversation was really easy. Then most of the bridal party decided to go out a few nights before the wedding to hang out and have fun and we really hit it off and just enjoyed being around each other and having good conversation. After the wedding we exchanged phone numbers and have been together ever since!”

How Kevin Proposed: “The proposal was a little bit non-traditional because it was more of a practical decision than a romantic one (πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) I was in Dallas, Texas, playing ball and he was in Santa Monica, California, and he called me and just honestly asked what I thought about getting married after my season was over. We had been talking about marriage for a while and we knew we wanted to do it, but him being in the military kept pushing it back. So we talked about it and decided yes, let’s do it! My brother became an ordained minister by the power of the internet and we got married 3 weeks later in my backyard in front of our parents, grandparents, and siblings.”

The Diamonds: “Since our marriage happened so quickly after we decided to do it, we didn’t have traditional rings right away. We got married with Qalo rings which are awesome rubber rings that we wear all the time now. One day, my grandma and I were having breakfast and she told me that she had something to tell me. She and my grandpa had decided they wanted to give us my great grandma’s diamonds. She wanted us to have them and design my own engagement ring and wedding band with them. We both cried openly because it was such a surprise and so meaningful! Now we have these amazing diamonds and they have become my dream rings that now mean so much more than just having a regular set of rings.”

Isn’t Sam’s dress for her engagement pictures gorgeous?? Β She found it on one of my favorite sites: Lulu’s!

I’m over the moon to be Sam + Kevin’s wedding photographer! Β The wedding is set for October 2018 at Brookview Ranch in beautiful Malibu, California.

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